The Tech Partner that every startup needs



Why does your startup need a tech Partner ?

Technical Leadership

Every startup needs a tech cofounder but unfortunately getting a tech cofounder to join a startup is very hard. A good tech cofounder has to have experience in all aspects of software development which only comes after 10 or more years of experience and tech people with that much of experience are so highly paid that startups cannot afford them.

Software Development Knowhow

The journey between the idea and a full featured software product is long and treacherous there are many pitfalls one can stumble upon. Having someone who has done it numerous times before with you is of enormous value.

Partnership is all about trust

In Software Industry people use a lot of fancy buzzwords, there is a lot of mysticism about how components work, progress tracking is a difficult task, cost estimates are vague you need someone you trust to provide guidance.

Software Development Resources

Building a software product is no longer a one man job, even a web application requires at least 4 different type of software development professionals: one to design the UI, one to build the UI, one to implement the business logic in the code and one to handle the infrastructure. The more complex the solution becomes the more different types of professionals you will need to build it properly.

Why choose Devinity as your tech partner?

Founded by Technology Leaders

Devinity was founded by developers with that over the course of their 10 year careers in Software development have become true technology leaders.

We eat our own dog food

We know how difficult it is to convert something from an idea to a live product that people use because we have built products of our own.

Trusted Technical Information Source

No bs, no buzz, no hype,just straightforward real tech value talk. A lot of companies use buzzwords like AI, Machine Learning, MlOps, Blockchain, etc... Unfortunately most of those buzzwords are just empty words and add no value to your product. It is important to know what adds real value when integrated into your product and what is just a blown up hype word.

Community Recognized

Devinity started of as a community of people working on tech projects ranging from mobile application to world changing medical devices. Members of Devinity have strong ties with developer communities across North America and Europe.

How it works

Defining the partnership

This is a meeting between you and one of our tech leads to discuss about your tech needs.

Refining the partnership

After your tech needs have been analyzed we will propose a partnership that mutually benefits us both. There will be few meetings to iterate over details and define the specifics of the partnership.

Growing the partnership

This is what we hope to be the everlasting step where we grow together.

Our Services


This is a unique service that was devised through working with our clients to fulfill their most critical needs. A lot of startups need a Chief Technical Officer but finding the right person is a difficult task for startups. The service we provide is that Devinity becomes your CTO, we take on all the responsibilities that a CTO would have: Hiring tech personnel, managing tech personnel, making sure the tech side of your company is supporting the business side properly.

Software Development

We offer software development services that include frontend development, backend development, mobile development and quality assurance testing. When developing the backend of your software you need to make sure that it not only works, but that it also performs, that it is secure, that it can not be broken and even if it gets broken that it can recover easily. Developing mobile applications that will work on devices with various screen sizes, that have limited connectivity, that will consume less power on low battery state and other such constraints require a professionally engineering custom built mobile solution. We are aware how important it is to have the most advanced features in your product so we always build using the cutting edge technologies.
TechStack: Java, Spring, Python,C#, .NET, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Angular 2+, React, Vue, Ionic, React Native

Infrastructure Operations

Every software solution needs an infrastructure to run on. It does not matter if you use some of the popular IaaS providers like AWS, Azure, Heroku or if you manage your own datacenter using technologies like Kubernetes and Docker, our professionals will not only handle the day to day of your infrastructure they will also make sure it scales as your business grows.
TechStack: Kubernetes, Docker, AWS, Heroku, Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Apache, SQL, NoSQL, Oauth 2.0, Linux, …

Software Design

Design is the first step that needs to be done before development can start. A clear design of the product is needed as it makes it clear to everyone what needs to be built. We believe that: ”UI is like a joke, if you need to explain it, then it’s a bad one”.


Building software requires a product roadmap, good team organization and constant checks that development is on track. Every product requires different team structure, organization and product management methodology, we will make sure that your product development is managed properly.
TechStack: Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Jira, Trello.

Technical Consulting

In order to build a product one needs to understand the product from the technical standpoint. We offer technical consulting services where you can discuss anything technical about your product: the feasibility, technical personnel requirements, existing technical issues, creating technical roadmaps and defining the technical specifications for future projects.

Partnership Examples

Software Development & Technical Product Management & Infrastructure Operations

We form the teams according to the business requirement needs, our tech leads manage the team, we assign our QA resources to control the quality of the product, our devops handle the infrastructure. This development mode is more suited for smaller companies where all these aspects of the product need to be covered yet hiring all of this type of resources is not possible due to limited funding.


Devinity becomes your CTO taking on all responsibilities that the CTO would have.

Software Development

Define the number and the type of developers required. As an example you need 4 frontend developers, 2 backend developers, 2 manual QA testers and 10 technical support associates. We will provide the staffing resources and take care of their logistics and legal contracts.