Software engineering company
that builds cutting edge tech products

Why us?

Why Us

Founded by developers

Devinity was founded by developers, is ran by developers and every aspect of the company is designed for the most effective product development

Effective teams

We understand that a team that works well together builds great products. Our teams are perfectly matched both tech and culture wise

Zero management overhead

There is no need to waste time on career development, work life balance, office, software licensing, legal, payroll accounting, expenses and HR compliance

Dynamic scaling

Different stages of product development life cycle require different amount and type of development, we make it easy to scale development for each stage

How it works

Define the business requirements

This is a meeting between you and one of our tech leads to discuss about product details

Define development plan

After the business requirements have been analyzed we will define a development plan that meets your business requirements.

Development starts

Our software engineers begin building your product

Our Services

Front End Development

A mix of programming and design which powers up the visual feeling and interactions of the web. We are focused on making UI as simple as it can be and as much friendly as it can be. We believe that: ”UI is like a joke, if you need to explain it, then it’s a bad one”. We are aware how important it is to have the most advanced features in your product so we always build using the cutting edge technologies.
TechStack: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, AngularJS, Angular 2+, React, Vue, TypeScript, SASS, LESS.

Backend Development

If you think of software as a car the backend would be everything that is under its chassis: the engine, the brakes and the gearbox. Even the most beautifully designed chassis is just a pile of metal unless the engine can accelerate fast, brakes can quickly stop it and the gearbox can change gears effectively. When building the backend of your software you need to make sure that it not only works, but that it also performs, that it is secure, that it can not be broken and even if it gets broken that it can recover easily.
TechStack: Web Services, Microservices, Serverless Architecture, Service Oriented Architecture, Reactive Services, Big Data Pipelines, Data Lakes, Java, Spring, Python, Django, Ruby, Rails, PHP, Laravel, Symfony

Mobile Development

We live in a mobile first world. What was a paper based solution moved to a web based solution and every web based solution is moving to a mobile application based solution. Developing mobile applications that will work on devices with various screen sizes, that have limited connectivity, that will consume less power on low battery state and other such constraints require a professionally engineering custom built mobile solution.
TechStack: Android, Java, Swift, Ionic, React Native, C++, Objective-C


Every software solution needs an infrastructure to run on. It does not matter if you use some of the popular IaaS providers like AWS, Azure, Heroku or if you manage your own datacenter using technologies like Kubernetes and Docker, our professionals will not only handle the day to day of your infrastructure they will also make sure it scales as your business grows.
TechStack: Kubernetes, Docker, AWS, Heroku, Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Apache, SQL, NoSQL, Oauth 2.0, Linux, ...

24x7 Tech Support

Customer contact response time is a crucial metric for any system where customers can use your product any day at any time. Having a dedicated oncall team that will be available for your customers to reach out to and that will help them resolve issues quickly is crucial for customer satisfaction.
TechStack: Monitoring, Disaster Recovery, Procedural Checks, Emergency Customer Support.

Product Management

Building software requires a product roadmap, good team organization and constant checks that development is on track. Every product requires different team structure, organization and product management methodology, we will make sure that your product is managed properly.
TechStack: Scrum, Kanban, Agile, Jira, Trello.

Development Modes

Fully managed development

We form the teams according to the business requirement needs, our tech leads manage the team, we assign QA resources to control the quality of the product, a devops handles the infrastructure. This development mode is more suited for smaller companies where all these aspects of the product need to be covered yet hiring all of this type of resources is not possible due to limited funding.

Dedicated developers

Define the number and the type of developers required. As an example you need 4 frontend developers, 2 backend developers, 2 manual QA testers and 10 technical support associates. We will still take care of the developers logistics such as devices, human resources, legal contracts, office space and even team building activities.

Partially managed development

This is a hybrid development mode, for example you already have a team of developers working on your product but you want us to handle the QA for the product.